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Top 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

We all want to keep our teeth healthy and clean, but sometimes that means avoiding certain foods. Our cosmetic dentist serving Lincoln Square knows that foods that are sticky, acidic or sugary tend to be the worst for your teeth. These are the top foods and drinks that can damage your teeth:


Popcorn is one of the toughest foods on your oral health. The fluffy pieces get logged in the back of your teeth, while the sharp shells can cut your gums. Also, biting into an unexpected hard kernel can break a tooth. 

Sour Candy 

Sour candies contain high-acidic chemicals that erode your teeth quicker than other candies. Avoid these chewy or hard sour sweets, but if you cannot resist a candy one time, please remember to floss after eating!

Dried Fruit

Although dried fruit may be good for you, it’s sticky and difficult to chew. The sticky texture clings to crevices in your mouth leaving behind dangerous sugars. Fresh fruit, on the other hand, is less concentrated and easier to wash from your teeth. 


Coffee is an acidic drink that can cause your teeth to weaken and become brittle. Plus, coffee can stain your teeth and even cause bad breath. Try brushing your teeth immediately after drinking coffee or visit a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Square for a whitening treatment if you’ve noticed your teeth have become stained.

White Bread 

When you chew soft white bread it turns into a gummy paste that gets stuck between your teeth. Carbohydrates break down into simple sugars and linger in your mouth. Bacteria feed on these sugars between your teeth and produce acid, which results in tooth decay.   

Our cosmetic dentist serving Lincoln Square recommends that you avoid these foods if you can, but as always, make sure you’re keeping up with a healthy oral cleaning routine to keep your mouth in tip-top shape. If you’re due for your bi-yearly cleaning, make sure you call us to make an appointment!

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