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Foods That Are Good For You And Your Teeth

We know that there are many bad foods for your teeth, causing cavities and decay, but did you know there are foods that you can eat to help improve your oral health? Our dentist near Lincoln Square has a list of foods to indulge in to stay healthy and happy.


Green tea is lighter than black or other types of tea and can help slow the growth of bacteria that are normally associated with cavities and gum disease. Even if you don’t drink black tea, you can actually rinse with it for a minute, allowing you to reduce plaque buildup.


Research shows that those who eat cheddar cheese have lower acid levels in their mouth than those who choose to indulge in sugar-free yogurt or milk. It’s possible that cheese can neutralize plaque acid. Chewing increases saliva production, which is able to wash out the bacteria in your mouth.


Did you know that raisins do not contain sucrose, another term for table sugar? Raisins actually have phytochemicals, which can kill cavity-causing plaque bacteria. 

Sugarless Gum

After finishing a meal or a snack, consider chewing a piece of sugarless gum. Chewing gum will boost your saliva and clear away some lasting bacteria from the food you ate. 

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If you are unsure what other foods are healthy and unhealthy for your teeth, contact your dentist near Lincoln Square today. We will help you avoid all foods that can lead to cavities or periodontitis. If you are due for a cleaning, make sure you book your appointment through our website or give us a call at 773.654.3575.

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