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Bridges vs Crowns: What’s The Difference?

Like the rest of our bodies, it is completely normal for our teeth to change over time. Unfortunately for some, that could mean their teeth becoming misshapen or facing a dental problem that requires a root canal. When part of the tooth or the whole tooth gets removed, you’ll need a replacement to restore the functionality and confidence of your smile.

Two key dental solutions that can replace one or more of your original teeth involve dental bridges and dental crowns. Both dental bridges and crowns play important roles in protecting what’s left of our natural teeth. Our experts have gathered a bit of information about both solutions below, so you can understand and decide what solution might work best for your smile.

Dental Crowns

Contrary to what a crown you wear on your head might look like, a dental crown caters to the shape of what’s left of your natural teeth. Most patients who undergo a root canal where a large percentage of their original tooth is removed, need a dental crown placed to restore functionality to their teeth.

Think of it as a protective cap that is secured on top of your natural tooth, once that tooth is cleaned and prepared for the dental crown. In addition to patients facing significant tooth decay, this solution is also provided to patients that have cracked teeth, fractured teeth, need a filling replacement, cover a dental implant, or require a bite alignment.

Dental Bridges

Getting a dental bridge vs. a crown means you’ll need to completely replace a space where a tooth once was. Whether your tooth was removed due to a dental procedure like a root canal or it was knocked out due to an accident, a dental bridge can be installed in this space.

Two main components ensure a dental bridge is secured in a person’s mouth: dental cement and supporting dental crowns.

Typically two dental crowns are placed on the healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth. The dental cement is attached to your new false tooth before it is secured to the surrounding crowns and space where your natural tooth once was.

While the circumstances surrounding whether you need a dental bridge vs crown might seem abundantly clear after reading through the text above, you should get the advice of your local dentist to determine which solution might be best for you.

The Restorative Dental Specialists Of Lincoln Square

If you’re looking for an excellent dentist to install a dental bridge or crown near Lincoln Square, look no further than Cornerstone Dental for help. Our practice has an efficient scheduling system to ensure you receive excellent oral health care and the traditional bridge or crown your existing teeth need. Please contact our dental group now to schedule an appointment.

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